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Baltimore City Rental Inspection Services


  • Effective date of January 1, 2019
  • All Multiple-family dwellings (MFD) must be licensed.
  • All one- and two-unit dwellings must also be licensed.
  • All rental units (including one- and two-unit dwellings) must pass an inspection to obtain a license.
  • All rental units must have a sanitation plan educating tenants on proper waste storage and disposal.

Rental Licenses Expirations:

There is now a tiered license expiration based on property owner’s compliance with the code. All initial licenses are issued for a two-year period. When it is time for renewal, a landlord may be able to obtain a three-year license or be limited to a two- or one-year license based on your maintenance record and violation history.

Baltimore City Inspection Process:


  • The Baltimore City Rental Inspection process is straightforward and usually won’t be longer than 40 minutes. As a matter of convenience, owners, landlords or property managers are not required to be at there as long as proper access has been coordinated with the tenant or, if vacant, there is a lock box in place.


  • We will email you a copy of the inspection form in advance so you are aware of exactly what the county requires and what will be inspected. We encourage clients to understand the requirements in advance to avoid lost time and potential additional cost for reinspections.



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